Friday, January 30, 2009

Artist's / Writer's Spiritual Retreat

Sometimes you get what you "want" and sometimes you get what you "need" and that turns out to be what some aspect of your being "wanted," all along. That's a piece of the manifestation process people neglect a lot.

What if your inner being has been longing for peace and quiet, freedom from high rent, a great place to be while building internet connections up and doing your writing, craft or art, but your belief system says I need "x, y, z" instead? Well, if you get those other things you were longing for (a place in the desert to do your art) but you don't get anything close to "x, y, and z" then you might think you didn't get what you "want." You might even think, temporarily, that you don't have what you "need."

So when I woke up this morning I thought how what I really need to take advantage of this place we have now is to get my bookkeeping up to date (I lost track of that in the move we just did), to get more Mama Love displays ready, and to restock my ready-to-go supplies of perfume. Then Paul and I went for a walk and, as we often do, we started to talk about what we would do if we stay here. Paul asked me what "inspires" me about the property we're on and that put me in a bad mood. I like to feel inspired. I like to feel enthused about where I am and how that feeds my soul and what I think I want to do. And given that we're way out in the middle of what I think of as "nowhere," far away from any cultural attractions, distractions, and "things to do".... well, is it okay to admit that when I think about that I'm not too happy with this place at all?

Grumble, groan...I didn't want to talk about anything that had to do with staying in Snowflake (we're actually outside Snowflake, not in a town with a name at all). We're in the desert! From the perspective of a bicoastal gal--I've never been more than a few minutes away from an ocean both when I was growing up in New England and then in Santa Cruz--this is the ends of the earth!

But then I remembered a longtime fantasy I've had of painting at an easel in a spacious outdoor location and knew that for that purpose this would be a great place to be. When we returned home I thought it would be nice to bring my perfume-making supplies to the back porch and do my work outside.

So I did and, except when the guy a little bit down the road decided to do a little target practice (everyone out here seems to have several guns), it was a very quiet and peaceful thing to do. I enjoyed making my perfume in this place. And once I finished channeling Reiki into the batch I just did I felt extremely peaceful and grateful to have done it.

When an artist or writer.. or for that matter a monk or a person in need of spiritual peace... chooses a retreat they don't pick a noisy place with lots of distraction. They pick a mountaintop, a lake cottage, or a place like this.

I didn't think we needed an artist's or writer's retreat. I certainly didn't consciously want one. But I have had the desire to live on a retreat center since my early 20's and had the fantasy of living an artist/musician's life way out in the country a lot longer than that. I never had the desire to live in the desert, 30 minutes from the nearest not-very-interesting town. I never in my wildest imagination visualized an artist/writer's retreat like this. But perhaps getting a taste of country living is useful to our souls. And really getting to experience that will help us begin to formulate a vision of what we want to do next.


Paul did the photo accompanying this blog entry. It's actually the front porch of the house we live in here. The homestead, by the way, is called Sugarfoot Ranch.

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Vineyard Painter said...

The sky and red earth in the photo are so beautiful.
I love the idea of Reiki "infused" perfume...wonderful.

This was good reading, thanks. -Sunny Bower