Saturday, January 31, 2009

Attracting a Partner Flower Essence Aromatherapy Perfume

The batch of perfume I was making yesterday is my Attracting a Partner formula. I always need to restock this perfume at this time of year. Maybe it's Valentine's Day coming up or New Year's resolutions. This perfume sells better at this time of year than any other.

People usually think of perfume as attracting a partner through scent and intrigue. "I can't seem to forget her. Her Windsong stays on my mind". I remember that commercial jingle from my youth. Perfume is all about attracting a partner -- from the outside in.

Mama Love Healing perfume is a little different. Using flower essences and aromatherapy to change how the wearer feels is a big shift in perspective but, really, how you feel about yourself and others is what it takes to attract a great relationship. If you think love and relationship is about intrigue and allure you're kind of missing the point. It's about communication, respect, self-respect, and sharing. Attracting a partner from the inside out.

Mama Love for Attracting a Partner is made specifically for women and includes all organic natural ingredients that help to increase feelings of self-acceptance, willingness and ease to honestly share one's feelings, and increased ability to give and receive love.

It's available through my personal online shop at Mama Love and is currently a featured item in my shop on

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