Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in Snowflake

Paul's already talked a bit about us leaving Sedona on his blog and I wish I could have shared my thoughts before we left town, too, because now that we're back in Snowflake we're in a very different reality.

Sedona is not our home. It's a great place to visit, I'm sure we'll return again (maybe with a few clients and/or friends?), but the cost of living is worse than Santa Cruz and there's no sense in leaving one high-priced situation to create another. 2/3 of the Sedona workforce commutes from somewhere else but the only truly affordable alternatives are not acceptable, at least not from our point of view.

There were other factors involved. We really needed Sedona to provide venues that supported the nature of our work without wanting us to be circus freaks to "bring in the customers." That wasn't currently possible in the off-season with the economy in a downspin. There are A LOT of metaphysical practitioners in Sedona. In fact, it would be fair to call it the Wild West of the Metaphysical. People dress up in costume, claim to channel beings from the "Fifth Dimension", offer workshops in "neuro-interplanetary energy healing" and resort to all kinds of other tricks to vie for the gullible and entertainment-oriented public's attention. It was horrifying at times from our perspective and hard to get around. The true healers are not the ones who scream "look at me!" all the time. But it's hard to help people who could benefit from what you do if you don't let people know about it. Paul and I are trying hard to walk that line. It would be a rare healer who wouldn't be tempted to give in.

Snowflake looked sweet, even somewhat charming, when we returned and the virtues of living on a peaceful piece of land in the country seemed even more valuable. And Paul's half brother Bill and his wife Teri Lynn were there when we arrived and we had a really wonderful evening with them. The next day, though, the downside of the reality of living here hit hard. We're going to look into satellite internet today and try to claim some space in the office for the things we like and need to do.

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