Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crescent Moon Ranch, Sedona AZ

Wow! What a sweet place. On old ranch, converted to national park, along the banks of Oak Creek just under Cathedral Rock.

The contrasts in color in this place in winter -- stark white tree branches against bright red rock walls and deep blue skies -- freaks the camera out. Taking pictures here is not for amateurs!

Paul did much better than me with his polarizing filter. He doesn't have internet access for the computer he's using right now and is reluctant to download all his photos to mine. And that's really too bad because he's been getting some stunners!

We took hundreds of photos in this place and we weren't alone! This is one of the most wonderful places at sunset -- the red rocks glow BRIGHT orange. Again, it takes finesse to really capture it. About 15 photographers with tripods were there at the end of the day and this is the off-season.

We're putting a lot of thought into how to take people here. The healing retreat weekend idea comes up again and again.


zagato said...

Thanks for the delicious representations of my grandmother's Crescent Moon Ranch

Sheryl Karas said...

Thanks! If you see this comment, tell us more! Did your grandmother will it to the state?

aDAYintheLIFEofWELCH said...

It was sold to the State by her husband, Nick Duncan years after Lois died. Crescent Moon Ranch was my great-grandmothers ranch. My mom tells me stories of visting in the current house that can be rented. I wasn't born when Lois died, but this place is truely beatiful - the pistures you took are beautiful!