Thursday, January 08, 2009

Healing in Progress -- Boynton Canyon Trail

It's been a difficult journey in many respects this time around. Paul and I have done several exploratory trips before this one. We went to Canada, Port Townsend, New England...each time ruling places out, returning to Santa Cruz with lots of disappointment and confusion. At least I felt that way.

We don't mind learning what we need to learn but this time neither one of us wants simply a lesson-filled "vacation." There's no Santa Cruz safe house to crawl back to. Snowflake isn't where I want to be. So, I'm afraid to say, I couldn't leave my hopes and expectations at the door when we jumped on this tour bus. Paul really wanted me to let go of my agenda and approach this trip with a sense of discovery. But I couldn't. I had it forced upon me instead.

Things I was really counting on to work out fell flat at every turn. Places I expected to love I didn't. Images I had of certain places ahead of time couldn't have been more wrong. Spa possibilities I had hoped might become excellent venues for us turned out to be fearing economic collapse.

No surprise, really, about that. I knew this was the slow time of year. Add recession problems and places that used to just ride the slow time out are laying people off.

We were guided to think that, of course, healing work in Sedona is far from dead. On the contrary it ought to be better than ever -- just more accessible to people like us. People without huge amounts of money to spend who need some healing and inspiration.

So we continued down the road on the Boynton Canyon Trail and found this sign on the path warning people not to disturb the vegetation: Healing in Progress, Stay on the Trail.

Could the signpost for what we needed to believe be more clear?

Well, later in the day it didn't feel so good. We checked out a couple of places on the main tourist track that were offering intuitive consultations and healing work.

I was hoping that we would fit in there and after talking to a couple employees I felt particularly hopeful again...but Paul disagreed. My inner guidance said the same thing but it wasn't until I spoke by phone with our host "Terri" that I got what I needed to let it go. The average person who takes advantage of the services these places have to offer are people who have never taken advantage of services such as these at all. Most of them get tempted because Sedona is just so filled with over-the-top hype and sensationalism about this kind of stuff. You'd almost be a fool not to give it a shot. But the atmosphere on the main drag of town, at least, is more like a psychic amusement park. Healing work can, and I'm sure does, happen. But the average person comes intending to get out in 15 minutes. They just want a single question answered or approach it as a form of entertainment. Nothing wrong with that as a place to begin but Paul and I do our work primarily for people interested in personal or spiritual development, and for those embarking on or fully engaged in a healing life path.

Still the advice to "Stay on the Trail" was a good one. I gave up on all of my preconceived agenda except for the one to try to sell Mama Love and the day we had today was a much better one. I'll put more photos together and put up another blog about it later this week, perhaps tomorrow.

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