Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little Horse Trail, Sedona, AZ

Yesterday was the best day of our trip so far. Our host "Terri" left a note saying there was a hiking trail that left directly from her backyard so we decided to explore a bit.

No more than 50 yards from her house we turned around and the first picture is what we saw. The house you can see in the middle of the first photo is her neighbor's. Terri's house is just behind the trees on the right.

We went, oh, another hundred yards or so and joined up with a popular hiking spot called Little Horse Trail. There's Paul in the next picture walking less than 5 minutes down the road. We couldn't go more than a few feet, it seemed, without stopping to take another picture or two. It was one breathtaking scene after another.

We found ourselves bemoaning the fact that Terri is trying to sell her house. Trying to make it on a massage therapist's paycheck in that expensive location has worn her bank account down...but she has a wonderful workshop or classroom space in the place she has now, a large living room and kitchen. We couldn't help but think it would be a great place to take people on a healing retreat-style vacation.

You might be wondering if the color red in some of these pictures is for real. Actually, the contrast in color in the scenery fools the camera a bit. Adjusting camera settings to get the green and blue to come out more accurately makes the red pop. But in the setting sun, it really does look like this. It's RED, it really is!

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