Friday, January 09, 2009

Uptown Sedona, Mama Love and Reiki, Too

After filling up at Cathedral Rock, Paul and I decided to go to the Uptown Shopping district. Yes, the very one we were so shocked by when we first came into town, hasn't looked so shocking since we settled down. And this was late in the day in the lowest point of the off-season so it was no longer crowded and actually started to look somewhat appealing.

So we went and had a great time. I talked Mama Love to a couple of shops -- nobody was ready to buy and there were lots of sob stories about the economy to tell--but I wasn't turned away either and the sob stories didn't get to us.

We were hungry though and, in looking for a place to eat, Paul and I both felt we should explore the next street over, really close but off the main tourist street of town. There we saw a big sign saying "Reiki Center" and "Infinite Light" and Peace Place. It turned out to be a Reiki teaching center, treatment place and giftshop. The owner Michael was wonderful. Sweet, welcoming, relaxed. He showed us around and bought a full display of Mama Love on the spot. He was very encouraging about having us move to town, if that's what we choose to do, and we both felt touched and warmed.

We had dinner at Mago's Korean restaurant on his recommendation. It was great! And then walked down the main street again, had some Prickly Pear ice cream (delicate, light pink, slightly reminiscent of mild strawberries), and enjoyed the tourist trap setting we avoided before.

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Kala Pohl Studio said...

Sounds like a wonderful ending to the day:)