Friday, February 06, 2009

Claiming the Future, Our Health, Our Lives

I haven't always been a person who claims what she wants in her life. But it occurs to me right now that there have been numerous examples where I have done so that I could share and draw inspiration from for support in my life right now. For example, I used this attitude when grabbing hold of my health.

I went through a period of time where I had multiple food allergies, the most challenging and difficult to live with being an extreme sensitivity to wheat. I remember insisting to myself that God could not possibly have made human beings with the tendency to become allergic to the staples of their own diet. That despite what the medical and science professions might say -- this could not be a "malfunction" of the immune system. That assumption just had to be a mistake.

I believed there had to be a logical explanation for why this happened and a way to undo it... and I intended to discover the secret and make use of it to heal myself. This wasn't a namby-pamby intent. It was a commitment, a project embarked upon with true conviction and the expectation of success. I intended to claim my health -- I believed I deserved it and was going to have it. And then I did.

The healing centered on finding the underlying cause of the difficulty. Not trying to find a quick fix for the symptoms themselves or by trying to circumvent the supposed "malfunction of the immune system" which drug therapy is created to do. It had to do with determining the reason why the immune system was treating previously benign substances like a foreign invader and addressing that.

The point of this article isn't to go into depth about how to heal sensitivities that develop over time. Suffice it say, however, that the functioning of the immune system in this situation is a great example of the mind/body interconnection at work: in my case, conditioned responses left over from past experiences of hurt that I reacted to in a particularly anxious fashion. Because these experiences were repeated over time my immune system, like any good Pavlov's dog, learned to associate substances usually present in my environment with these anxious feelings and went into action to keep me "safe." Once the true source of my anxious reactions was identified and appropriately addressed my immune system was freed to make a new decision. I had to consciously retrain myself to accept the foods my body previously rejected, and that takes practice, but relatively quickly my immune system behaved.

In the case of some of my allergies one or two healing sessions was all that was required. But for some of the allergies the healing took time. There were several layers of hurt to be addressed and more than one resulting pattern that had to be unraveled. It took several months of consistent work. But the results were worth it! I now eat pretty much whatever I want.

It occurs to me that in the multiple crisises our world currently faces -- economics, housing, healthcare, energy, food (in some parts of the world), and global climate change -- that we could certainly benefit from taking a similar approach. Forget about quick fixes and superficial circumventions. We need to allow enough time to unravel the underlying factors that have created these issues one by one, and deliberately focus our intent on true healing that will support the world as a whole over the long haul.

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