Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cultivating a Positive Attitude

I'm so glad Paul and I celebrated Valentine's Day earlier in the week because yesterday was a bad one for me. Nothing about me and Paul. There were business disappointments, odd mishaps, frustrations, and getting my head filled with junk on the telephone and by watching the evening news. And let me ask you, how many times can we see the commercial for "free credit" or hear it on the radio without wanting to throw those devices far far away?!

I'm in someone else's house right now so I don't have that kind of control over my environment unless I go outside or go to my bedroom and shut the door behind me...and there are times when I just WANT to relax in the living room with everyone else.

So, by the end of the day yesterday I was in a bit of an emotional meltdown. I even wrote in a forum I'm participating on that I needed to cultivate a positive attitude suitable for manifesting what I want to create right now. I was trying to be more positive than I felt when I wrote those words down. What I was secretly feeling is completely out of touch with what that positive attitude might be.

At the end of the day Paul agreed to give me some of his expert counseling attention...and he was great. Somewhere in the conversation, though (and this was the really helpful part!), he blurted out that how he was feeling these days was in such great contrast to me.

How does he feel?

"Like a 45 year old teenager at the beginning of my life with the whole world open for me!"

He smiled a big smile as he said these words and his eyes were gleaming with anticipation.

It was exactly the kind of reminder I need.


Howling Caterpillars said...

Awww..what a great sentiment...

Kathy Crabbe said...

Sounded like a real rough patch but at least you have a fantastic hubbie to help you through it all.