Monday, February 16, 2009

Desert Insights

Sitting outside, semi-meditating, really just wanting some time to myself, I looked to my left and found myself entranced by a pretty view. Juniper trees. Nothing unusual for around here. But they were "arranged" beautifully, I thought. An artist's thought pattern if ever there was one.

There appear to be more than one kind of juniper around here. The most common variety has multiple small trunks fanning out from the ground and grows in a bushy, round bottomed Christmas tree like form, not very tall, but VERY abundant.

The other kind that was common to Sedona but not so much around here is tall, has a single thick trunk or a double trunk that sometimes twist around themselves as they shoot up to the sky. No Christmas tree look here but quite exotic and interesting, at least from my point of view.

They don't always twist but there are enough of them that do that I'm beginning to think that the Sedona myth-making machine that tells people that the trees twist because of their proximity to a "vortex" has to be suspect. I'm revisiting the idea of vortexes today. I loved my experience at Cathedral Rock...but I've felt that way in nature many times before. In Vermont, other places as well. Any place with a long view and a quiet atmosphere where I've been allowed to sit long enough to relax into it and soak it up. In some places it happens faster, without any effort on my part. Cathedral Rock was definitely one of those places for me.

But I've seen Paul do this instantly whenever he gets into a healing frame of mind. He doesn't believe a vortex is necessary for spiritual communion and well-being and neither do I. It's just rare for those of us who live (or used to live) more urban or suburban lives to get into a meditative frame without deliberately trying to meditate.

This happens for me when when I sit quietly in nature or when I'm being an artist. I believe the mystic and the artist have a lot in common. A lot of mystics ARE artists. The act of being in the moment and being open to what it is present is so much a part of what it's all about.
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Blu Sparrow said...

My moment comes more from nature. I can't get it when I create because I am too busy making sure things look just right or taste the way it should.

Anonymous said...

"A lot of mystics ARE artists. The act of being in the moment and being open to what it is present is so much a part of what it's all about."

Whether I am doing dowsing, psychic work, healing work, cooking, or artwork, it is all about allowing the energy to flow through me. It is all the same.

Thank you for this blog. I love it because it makes me ponder and it keeps us in touch.


Sheryl Karas said...

I love knowing that whenever I write someone I know might be reading. I feel a lot more connected that way, too!