Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give Me Land...

"...lots of land, under starry skies above..."

I've been having some "subversive" thoughts of late. If blue state liberals really want to change things for good maybe a lot more of us ought to move out to the red states. It's a lot cheaper!

The blue communities are disproportionately arrayed on the edges of the country and in large cities... and those places just happen to be the most expensive places to live. It's also where the most universities are and, therefore, where more of the intellectuals choose to be. And, yes, I admit, where the most cultural opportunities and international influences tend to be, which make these locations very interesting, diverse and exciting.

But they're also extremely stressful, polluted, overcrowded and... did I say?...expensive. The breast cancer rate in San Francisco isn't among the highest in the world for no good reason.

My friend Vanessa moved out to Wyoming a few years ago. She loved Santa Cruz and seemed to have a great life there but after she lived in Wyoming a little while she'd complain that she felt overly stressed every time she came back to the Bay area to visit. She misses her New Age alternative friends and life now that she lives in Wyoming... but she doesn't miss the rest of it.

So what does Arizona have to recommend it? Space to do what you want and a lot of it.

If you have a Silicon Valley business and your business is floundering because you can't afford the ridiculously high rent... consider what being able to build a facility in a place where land costs $500/ acre (or less) might mean. Yeah, $500 an ACRE!

Have dreams of starting an alternative energy company? Perhaps, solar or wind? Why not relocate to a place where everyone lives off the grid? Where there are literally MILES of uninhabited land on which to put windmills and where the sun shines an average of 5 hours a day or more all year round.

Are there any 60's children out there still holding onto dreams of moving back to the land, homesteading a few acres, and living a more grounded peaceful existence? The Arizona high desert might be the place to be. It takes work but the altitude moderates the temperatures somewhat so it's not as hard as the desert might otherwise seem. It's a fantastic place for cattle, horses, goats or sheep. And the largest (and quite abundant) underground aquifer in the state of Arizona is right where we happen to be. Once you dig your well and put up your windmill and solar pump you'll have everything you need. There are lots of people doing that here.

Don't assume you'll find the work you need though -- unless you're a healthcare professional, car mechanic or have a skill that's in demand you might have to bring your employment with you. But if you're an artist, have an internet business or telecommute anyway it's a choice worthy of consideration.

Think you'll miss the liberal culture, politics or community you used to have? Well, that's who some of the newer homesteaders are so you won't be completely alone.... but this is also where the "subversive" part comes in. Bring your friends with you! Then this could be a great place to be!

P.S. The property across the dirt road from our property is for sale.

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