Friday, February 27, 2009

Is There a Difference Between Spiritual Counseling and Psychic Reading?

We think there is.

People sometimes approach a psychic reading as a passive process. They sit quietly in a chair and say "tell me about myself." One psychic I had a session with actually set things up that way. And, to be honest, it was a very interesting introduction to the power of what CAN be done. The psychic who did that with me was highly accurate, even made psychic predictions that came true, and impressed upon me the validity of the tools Paul and I now choose to use as part of our work.

That's an important first step and it was good. Really useful and well worth doing. But once a person has already accepted the validity of psychic work there's so much more that can be done.

For example, people spend thousands of dollars (or their insurance companies do) on long term emotional counseling or coaching services. A fair number of sessions are usually spent on giving the counselor a chance to get to know their client, build rapport, and help the client get comfortable enough to reveal things they choose not to normally reveal. Outside of the field of Transpersonal Psychology (I have an M.A. in that) there is little or no credence given to spiritual experiences and in some therapists' offices it can lead to a damaging DSM diagnosis or something worse.

Now imagine the opposite. What if you came into a counselor/healer's office knowing that the purpose of the session was to get help with gaining insight and healing for important life issues and that the counselor/healer was going to use intuitive skills along with their education and training to get straight to the point? What if you knew they could hold unusual psychic and/or spiritual experiences with wisdom and respect and could even take you further in your spiritual development by sharing skills and experience? And, given that the process (like all counseling and coaching work) is interactive that you'd be given the opportunity to use whatever psychic insights you received in the session as an opening to work with those issues further and make changes that could make a big difference in your life?

That is what a spiritual counseling and healing session using psychic insights has the potential to do.

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