Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paul and Sheryl's Adventures in Mormon Territory, Part 1

Our first deliberate outing after deciding to learn more about the LDS started in a surrealistic way that, should we ever do a movie based on our experiences, would HAVE to be included.

We decided to check out the Heritage Antique Store in downtown Snowflake and were met at the door by two young LDS men in full missionary regalia -- plain dark suits, plain white shirts, dark ties and LDS badges on the left sides of their suitjacket lapels. Each of them stood at either side of the door and opened it for us as we came in. I must have looked startled -- I think I even jumped back -- because they laughed and made a gesture as if to usher us inside.

It turns out they were not acting as official greeters or sentries at the door. It was just a coincidence. They were on their way out.

Once inside we were greeted by the most beautiful antique store I've ever seen with a beautifully restored old-fashioned soda fountain in the front. We were welcomed by the woman working behind the counter who responded with great enthusiasm when she heard we had just moved to town. Apparently two of the other people sitting at the counter were new to Snowflake as well.

We enjoyed ourselves browsing around the shop. The merchandise chosen was exquisite. There was more than one room to explore including a dark but curiously inviting basement with examples of pioneer tools and odds and ends not clearly marked as ready to sell. There's also a restored social hall on the second floor of the building but we didn't see that as we only found out about it just before we were ready to go.

Sprinkled here and there throughout the store were carefully placed signs with sayings I think are probably indicative of Mormon sensibilities and culture. The first one we saw as we were coming in was "Breathe, you're home now." Then I saw a set of child's building blocks spelling out the words "Family" and "Love." Many others, too. All very positive, wholesome and nothing that would seem offensive to anyone in any way.

We had sandwiches from the fountain later in the day and treated ourselves to a hot fudge sundae as well. The store owner was shocked that Paul and I opted to split a "small" one but the one we received was plenty large enough. And it was really good!

The Heritage Antique Store is next to the Heritage Bed and Breakfast which is also pictured in this blog. It's very picturesque and right in the center of town. Check the link attached to "Heritage Antique Store". The photos on that page will give you an indication of exactly what we found.

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