Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taylor, Arizona

Snowflake and Taylor are two towns situated right next to each other with a slight indention in the road between them that the locals call "Bellybutton." The two towns were established close to the same time by Mormon settlers but have a quite different feel about them. With its wide assortment of preserved brick buildings, Snowflake has a more citified feel, more merchant class, perhaps more "dignified." Taylor, however, is nothing if not cowboy.

Check out their schedule of events for the 4th of July. Cowboy poetry, country music, a BBQ, a nighttime rodeo, fireworks and then a dance.

Taylor is the home of world champion bull rider Cody Hancock. A sign celebrating Taylor as his birthplace welcomes you as you enter the town. The rodeo grounds are at the center of town and most of the town's festivities take place there.

We had lunch at Trapper's Cafe in Taylor today. We love it! Really down to earth and friendly people run it and the food is excellent if you like meat. It's a family restaurant, owned by the same family for 35 years, and has a real "hometown" kind of feel. We like the hamburgers and fries. And the homemade pie is nothing short of amazing! Paul took the photo so I could post it on this blog. They deserve all the publicity they can get.

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