Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I Like Cafepress

You may have noticed that Paul and I are including links to Cafepress on a regular basis right now. It's not one of the "premier" artist sites -- there are others that show artwork off a lot better and have lots of options for matting and framing. Imagekind is one of those. We've had our work there for over a year as well. (I'd include a link but the site doesn't seem to be working at all right now! Grrr... okay it's working now. My gallery is here. Click here for Paul's.) But even though some other sites cater more to people doing wall art, Cafepress seems to work better for us... and it suits our sensibilities (at least to some extent).

I have to admit to wanting to see people buy some of our work printed on canvas (and that CAN be arranged - just ask!) or in a really cool frame. BUT we both get a real kick out of the idea of someone seeing our artwork every day while drinking out of their favorite mug.Paul sold a mousepad the other day with a photo of an owl on it. Owls EAT mice. I wonder if the person who bought that one realized the humor in that particular selection. We thought it was fun.

I like that Cafepress allows us to make our artwork accessible to people who couldn't imagine buying a framed piece of art for their wall. And yet you CAN buy a decent framed print of our work through Cafepress, too. It turns out their framed prints are archival quality. Paul's mother has several on her wall right now. The print quality is really quite good... and if the artists think that (we're an awfully picky sort when it comes to our own art) then you can trust it will probably be acceptable to you, too! (If not, you can send it back. Cafepress isn't perfect but their customer service is very good.)

Click on the photos and they'll bring you to the appropriate pages on Cafepress.


Meekiyu said...

wow that's so awesome! Love the mug... LOLOL

Meekiyu said...

I've only heard of it in passing but after checking it out, it looks pretty darn cool =D

emily rose said...

The site should be working properly right now, so we definitely want to figure out whats going on with your connectivity to it. Send me an email when you get a chance and I'll troubleshoot with you - emily (at)

I love the owl!

Imagekind Team

Sheryl Karas said...

Thanks Emily. Maybe it was just last night when I wrote this blog. I was able to add the links today.