Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finding Your Space / Place with Corn Flower Essence

Before Paul and I moved out to the "wide open spaces" here in Arizona I was guided to take Corn Flower Essence ALL the time. Over and over, practically any time I asked for help with my emotional state, Corn was one of the essences I was guided to use.

It made me feel similarly to the Wild Oat I'm working with now --much more grounded and, energetically, I could feel the energy in my body clearing up and down that central core connecting each of us to heaven and earth that I talked about in this blog. But usually I could feel the energy moving down into the earth.

Corn is supposed to be for people who need to feel aligned with the planet but find it challenging to do so under the stresses and constrictions of modern life. I don't tend to think of myself in this way--I have always wanted the conveniences and perceived benefits of modern life. But I have also felt abhorrent of many of the choices people make to have it as well.

Let me explain this further. As a child I studied my fellow classmates intently trying to figure out how to fit in to the social system I found in school. I NEVER felt like I could accept those conventions. I didn't want to fit into the society of "outcasts" I was pushed into. I wanted to know how to be one of the "popular" kids but what I saw never ceased to amaze and confuse me.

So much conformity! So many ways each individual was trained to accept the rules and conventions of a social setting that was intended to keep them in line -- wear your clothes this way and not that, act this way with your friends and not that. One day I was invited to a party a lot of the "popular" kids attended. Sex with people they didn't even know much about, really loud music and lots of drinking. I couldn't figure out why they wanted that lifestyle. These kids weren't popular by being themselves. They weren't even spending much time being themselves with each other. They had all fit themselves into some kind of mold I didn't understand and their popularity appeared to be based more on that than on how much they liked who they all were!

I figured out how to dress and make jokes at my own expense to fit in a bit more but I never really successfully assimilated myself into the culture I grew up in at all. I went my own way and discovered, as I grew older, that I wasn't at all alone in that. Then all my years of watching and learning about people led me to get a a degree in Transpersonal Psychology and I rarely think about trying to conform too much to the culture around me anymore. I just try to stay conscious enough about what those expectations might be to keep from being blind-sided.

There are many many ways that human beings have attempted to improve their own way of life that have resulted in disconnecting people from themselves and from their true heritage as inhabitants of a greater matrix of existence-- inhabitants of planet Earth. We no longer live closely dependent on the life cycles of the planet. Electric lights shift our perception of night and day, winter turning to spring. Clad in heavy soled shoes, walking on pavement, driving in cars, modern Western feet rarely touch the ground. We live in surprisingly congested cities and towns, in high rise apartment buildings or tightly packed suburban developments. Most people can't imagine what it would be like to live in such a spacious environment that they couldn't see the lights from their neighbor's house.

But humans have always chosen to live in community as do most warm-blooded creatures on the planet. The issue I need to address here is not simply one of returning to nature. It isn't. The purpose of Corn flower essence is more complex. It's about using nature with respect to the societies we create. Corn is a human manipulated crop! It has been cultivated in one form or another for, perhaps, ten thousand years and has evolved, as a result, into a plant that depends on human assistance for its very existence.

Corn, the Maize we know today, doesn't exist in nature -- and I'm not talking about GMO (genetically manipulated) corn. Edible maize has been hybridized to the extent that while it can pollinate itself it really cannot reproduce itself without being planted and tended to by people.

And WE can't survive without other people either. Oh sure, there a few people who try. We met one out here in the desert. A paranoid schizophrenic, antisocial type we hope and pray doesn't carry a rifle in her car! But most people do depend on each other to get by and the consequence of that is that we all have to work with the interconnected physical and social conventions we collectively create.

Honoring our nature, the essence of our beings, when we don't even recognize ourselves as part of nature ourselves anymore is part of what Corn flower essence is for. But, it's also about something much bigger than that. It's about our ability to find our center -- to stand tall and strong and secure the way a Corn plant does-- within the construct we have created as the human race. I'll say more in future blogs.
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