Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flower Essence Aromatherapy for Shingles

Shingles is a viral infection of the nerve roots which causes a very painful rash that can blister and scar. Elderly people and those with damaged immune systems are most susceptible. It occurs mostly in people who had a bout of chickenpox when they were young. It is thought that the virus lies dormant in our bodies and then "wakes up" as a result of stress, injury, disease or certain medications.

I was recently asked by a woman I met in town if I could make a flower essence aromatherapy formula for shingles. There is no specific cure for shingles at this point but some other aromatherapist had made her a formula once and it helped her a great deal.

Emotional stress is always a component of this disease -- whether you think of it as the underlying stress factor that sets the disease in motion OR if you simply want to deal with the emotional stress that having such an ugly and painful condition can create. I told her I could create a formula for the emotional issues, she agreed and I jumped to the challenge. I asked for spiritual guidance and this was the result:

Borage Flower Essence -- for lifting the spirits and counteracting depression and discouragement

Calendula Flower Essence -- for soothing irritation, especially of pessimistic thought patterns resulting in angry words and excessive frustration that can't be relieved by making positive change in the external environment right away. People who feel as though their life circumstances are unbearable are most susceptible to believing things will never get better again. Calendula can soothe the inner environment so the outer one can be dealt from a sunnier, more optimistic point of view.

Yerba Santa Flower Essence-- to help a person release anger and pain they harbor inside

Rose Essential Oil -- for soothing the heart on the emotional level. Many people use rose oil to help relieve itchy burning skin.

Lavender Essential Oil-- for calming irritability and nervousness, easing worry and depression. Aromatherapists also report that it can help heal rashes and prevent scarring.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil-- for relieving inflammation, irritability and internal and external stress. It's especially thought to be useful for relieving a tendency towards passive-aggressive behavior.

I assumed from this guidance that the blistering rash and irritation shingles creates can be a reflection of the anger, frustration and discouragement the person who needs this formula would need at this period of their life in general. The person who asked me for the formula had already described the extremely upsetting and, most likely, discouraging situation she was in when the shingles erupted for the first time. She already knew that stress and emotional upset was the biggest part of the issue. That's why she asked me for assistance at all. But is this shingles formula for everybody with this condition?

I turned to another person who has recently suffered a bout with shingles. I described what I planned to put into this formula and why and she immediately said "I want some, too!" She said that what I said about these ingredients was exactly what was going on for her at the time of her outbreak as well and she still has residual symptoms and temper flare-ups from time to time.

Well, a sample of two doesn't exactly amount to a scientific study and the FDA would actually forbid me from saying this shingles formula will work for you or anyone else... even if these two people (and their friends) wind up touting it as a miracle cure. :-)

But if you'd like to try this formula for yourself I now offer it on my website under the name Soothing the Angry Heart. It's designed to be ready to use straight from the bottle without dilution, made entirely from organically certified ingredients and infused with Reiki, too!

I'm also interested in doing other custom experiments in flower essence aromatherapy and Reiki. Contact me via email and tell me what you want.



Thanks for the cure list.
The preventive list goes like this:
(if you are prone to shingles, stay away from this food combination)...
and caffeine.

Basically: coffee + trail mix = beware

Howling Caterpillars said...

Very cool...I can use that too...