Thursday, March 19, 2009

Focussed on the Tasks at Hand

Since I started taking Wild Oat I've been focused on my work in a really positive way. If you've been reading my blog over time you know that a couple of weeks ago I was trying to talk myself into getting ready to sell Mama Love to more retail stores. Hard for me to do in prosperous feeling times, really hard now when retail stores are nervous about spending money.

But right now I WANT to do it, it's like an inner demand, and it doesn't feel like it's going to feel hard for me anymore. When I want to do something badly enough I always can get past any shyness or fear I have. So what if times have been hard? I feel as if the time is now.

So I've been taking a break from writing this blog for a few days. You didn't know because I wrote several blogs ahead of time and scheduled them to post automatically. But I ran out yesterday so here I am today to give you all an update.

I'm sending press releases to all the local papers announcing that "new Snowflake resident has brought her brand of healing to town." Paul took photos of me with my Mama Love displays (see the one on this blog) and I'm sending them along with the press releases to let people know that my flower essence aromatherapy products are now available locally at The White Chair.

Then I got busy last night making new displays. I want to get ready for another sales trip. Probably to Flagstaff and Sedona again to follow up on our earlier sales calls with a side trip to Camp Verde or two. There's an herb shop there for me and a blacksmith shop with demos for Paul and, I hear, there are very interesting Indian petroglyphs and old dwellings there to check out as well. So there will be photo opportunities for both of us, too.

When I sell perfumes to shops in new areas I plan to send press releases to the local papers there, too. That's my latest marketing plan: get out and meet people, show them what we do, and then promote in the paper to get the sales rolling. It worked in Santa Cruz. In fact, that's about the only advertising that did. So I'm feeling really good about what I'm trying to do with Mama Love.

And for those who have been asking, yes, I do think it's a big part of my life purpose. Paul and I don't just want to work with people who are willing to pay us $100/hour or more. We've been needing to find ways to help people through our work at other price points as well and the flower essence work can be an entryway into the more intensive spiritual counseling and healing work that we do.

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Glad to see your smiling face!