Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here, There Be Dragons and Inspiration, Too!

Today we met James A. Owen, the person who wrote Here, There Be Dragons (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica), what we hear is a wonderful fantasy novel for young adults, full of adventure and imagination.

We were walking in our favorite place around here, we'll call it Silverton, and found this great old church that seemed to have been converted to some other purpose. We thought at first it was an old school or perhaps a museum. Then we mused philosophically about we would do with such a place. "Convert it to an artist's colony!" is what I thought. It looked big enough to house several artists studios and, situated in one of the cheapest places in the country and in one of the prettiest settings, we thought "what a perfect place for a consortium of artists to be!"

Well, it turns out it is an artist's haven of sorts. It was Coppervale Studio, the workspace and multimedia brainchild of illustrator, writer and creative extraordinaire James Owen. He was outside playing with his kids so we went over to inquire about the unusual building they were in front of and he filled us in. We found him to be very friendly and engaging and we truly enjoyed meeting him.

Then we came home and looked him up on the internet and were really wowed. Here's a guy, like us, who has been doing a pretty eclectic assortment of creative things. Like us, he's been pretty much self-employed most of the time and the trail has entailed some significant ups and downs. But he stuck to it and, as he puts it, "after 20 years he's suddenly an 'overnight' success!"

We never expected to meet someone like this in the tiny rural community we're in. And, especially since this day was completely devoted to creative brainstorming of another sort for us, meeting a fellow traveler on the path of doing what you care about most was an especially welcome and gratifying event.

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