Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Intuitive Flower Reading

Readers of this blog know that I use flower essences and my own intuitive guidance for my own emotional, spiritual (and physical) health and well-being a lot of the time. Click here for a recent example.)

Have you ever wondered what the "flowers" would have to say about key issues in your growth and development at the current time?

Okay! For your fun and education (and maybe some wonderful healing insight to boot) I'm now offering Intuitive Flower Readings through my shop on Etsy.com.

Relationships, career, health, etc -- there's at least one flower essence that can be used as a guide.


Pick one area of your life you want me to focus on (include a note or a "Etsy convo" when you pay for your reading) or get a more general one (I'll choose).

I calm and center myself, call my guidance in, and then dowse for the right flower(s) that most represent what is needed for your highest well-being at the present time.

I write down the guidance I receive and send it to you as a personal email (or convo if you prefer).

You will also receive my free monthly Healing Communication / Mama Love News email newsletter. My partner Paul and I send out a joint mailing no more than once a month that includes at least one article related to spiritual growth and development. Specials on Mama Love and information about flower essences are often included as well. (You may, of course, opt out of being on the mailing list or change your mind at ANY time-- just send me an email to let me know.) If you’d like to see archived newsletters before making up your mind you can see them at http://www.healingcommunicationnews.blogspot.com/ .

I'm also offering DELUXE INTUITIVE FLOWER READINGS. They include all of the above plus a low resolution jpg of at least one of the flowers used in your reading and ONE Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy perfume of your choice.

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