Thursday, March 26, 2009

More about Space vs Place and Corn Flower Essence

As I said earlier, until Paul and I moved recently to the "wide open spaces" I needed to use Corn flower essence a lot. Why? I love the country. I always relax, feel more peaceful and joyous in a country setting, especially if there's a view or if I'm near a farm with horses, goats, chickens or sheep. I love the amenities of city life-- good cafes, art galleries, lots of things to do-- but it just doesn't feel as good.

I'm not unusual in this. I'd say most people enjoy a relaxing walk or drive in the country and many people make it a point to get away to a country setting on a regular basis. But most of us can't afford to live in the country. Not that it costs more to live there -- it's frequently far less expensive -- but, as most people say, there's a reason for that. It's hard to make a living in the normal ways unless you run your own business or can telecommute at least part of the time.

Enter Corn Flower Essence. Corn is the epitome of a plant that looks very similar to its wild ancestors that has evolved, like humans have evolved, to live in domesticity. A Corn plant, ideally, would prefer a lot of space. It's a big plant, for a grass that is. It has a very sturdy stalk that shoots up to the sky with great vigor. The leaves on the plant are spaced far apart and the male flowers, the tassels at the top, are situated unusually far from the female flowers, the corn silk. When Corn is grown too close together it doesn't produce as many ears. But in today's agriculture the plants are spaced tightly on purpose. It forces the plant to place whatever ears it does create at the top where they can be easily harvested using mechanical means. And the Corn adapts. It's strong and hardy and continues on.

I use Corn in my Doing New Things with Confidence flower essence aromatherapy perfume but I've always wondered why my guides recommended Corn and not some other ones I might have chosen myself. Sure, Corn helps people feel grounded so that's what I assumed it was about but now I think it was more succinct than that. You see, I originally called that formula "Traveling Easy." It was supposed to be for feeling relaxed and in charge when traveling to new places -- literally. I made it for myself because I was nervous about a trip I was going on. It wasn't until later that I discovered this formula had many more applications than just one.

Traveling, for me, always involves a certain amount of uncertainty and the most challenging aspect of the experience has always been negotiating the travel aspect itself: driving in an unfamiliar city or making use of public transportation. Traveling is actually a very ungrounding activity. You literally move from your turf to a place you don't belong. It's hard to orient yourself and find your way around.

But Corn has gone through enormous changes in its evolution. It hybridizes very easily and many Corn hybrids exist today and are still being created. Corn adapts to its environment. And the first thing it does when it begins growing is to put down roots. Once those roots are established, it sends up a shoot. It strongly aligns itself between heaven and earth and stands up straight, tall and strong.
You can use the confident tall-standing quality of Corn with my Doing New Things with Confidence perfume, available through my Mama Love website or through my shop on

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