Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Flowers

We see the first signs of Spring around town. Not out here in the desert much although the arrival of the first moths have our cats, Peep and Chloe, almost delirious with excitement. But close to town where there's a creek and different kinds of vegetation the change of seasons is plain to see. The weeping willows are bright green, there are tiny flowers popping up all around and even a few cherry trees coming into bloom.

Photo trips are happening. Here's one of my shots, now available as framed or unframed prints and on all kinds of cool stuff through our giftshop on Cafepress.


nuvonova said...

Wow, lovely shot!

Just Be Real said...

Very nice and pretty. Thank you for sharing this beauty. Blessings.

Lazy Daze said...

This is a stunning photograph.