Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful Icelandic Poppy Journal

About a year ago I designed some really gorgeous journals featuring flower photography by me and my partner Paul. I did them through a print-on-demand publisher called Lulu.com and thought I was locked into a price I really thought was too high. Turns out I wasn't so I just lowered the price to something I think is quite reasonable.

These journals are larger than average -- 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" square -- which as a journal user I find really quite nice. Smaller and more distinctive than a notebook but with LOTS of room to write. I chose to have lightly lined pages with decorative dingbats to make that look nice. And the cover photography goes edge to edge with NO type on the top! What that means -- if you're Paul's mother -- is that you can frame your book so everyone can see it and never use it as a journal at all! :->

You can see the inside pages and back cover of this journal by clicking here. You can buy it there, too! This particular one features a gorgeous Icelandic Poppy that Paul took a macro photo of in a neighbor's front yard in Santa Cruz, CA.

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kim* said...

its so pretty!