Monday, April 13, 2009

Bunny and Road Runner in the Painted Desert

Paul and I spent Easter at the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. It's about an hour and a half away and a pretty unusual place. Paul got some amazing shots and put a couple on his blog. I haven't even looked at my photos yet. Maybe later this week.

One of the weirdest experiences of the day was watching a tiny cottontail rabbit chasing a road runner twice its size. Road runners eat small rodents so we assume the road runner was threatening the rabbit's babies. And it was MAD.

We watched the rabbit chase the road runner across the road and up a hill. The road runner kept stopping and looking back like it couldn't believe what was happening. But that tiny rabbit was intent on chasing him and almost caught him. We have NO idea what the bunny thought it would do once he caught him. Kick his butt?

I had a camera in my hand when the two of them went by but I never thought to take a picture. That's why I have the cartoon up instead. Road runners really do look a bit like this, enough so that I recognized the bird as soon as I saw one the first time. Real road runners, though, are brown with black spots. We've seen a couple of them in the last couple of days.

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