Friday, April 24, 2009

Cafepress Just Tried to Shut Me Up!

Cafepress just suspended my right to even read the forum because I encouraged people to tell their stories! I also told people about how I googled my own work using my own titles and descriptions and discovered that almost all the Google searches where I found my items -- including ones that included my name -- dumped me into the Marketplace and not into my shop. AND, get this, sometimes the Marketplace page didn't include my item at all! That means they've been using all our hard work with titling things, product descriptions and tagging to bring people to the Marketplace and not to us! The Marketplace where our sales don't count for a volume discount anymore. The Marketplace where sales won't be fairly compensated at all anymore.

They dumped me off for the crime of encouraging people to speak up off the forum. I also joined a thread about a potential class action lawsuit saying that their terms of service we're all supposed to agree to doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. It states that they can change their agreement with us at ANYTIME and people have NO recourse except to shut their shops down. And that if people leave their shop up for any length of time after a change to the agreement is posted that not acting immediately will be deemed acceptance and a "legally binding agreement!" That's not a contract that can stand up in a court of law, is it?

Let people know if you can. Thank you!

OH YEAH, by the way. Know anybody at the March of Dimes, Noggin, Dilbert, Peanuts and anyone else Cafepress has a special arrangement with? Let them know that you won't support their work if they don't stand up for us all! Sorry, March of Dimes. I love what you stand for but the single mom of a disabled child who wrote on the forum that she's going to lose 90% of her only income deserves your support. I wrote to them and Noggin, too. Join me, won't you?



Anonymous said...

I agree Sheryl. One of the problems is all the SKers are doing exactly what CafePress wants... posting their stories within the CafePress message boards. In a month or so, CafePress can simply remove the board related to the announcement and so many moving stories of how CafePress negatively impacted people's lives will be gone. What is needed is a web site dedicated to these stories that CafePress doesn't control. I would certainly buy some AdWords to point people to the stories and I'm sure other SKers would as well. Imagine if people searching for CafePress on Google found CafePress's website right next to sites telling stories related to their poor, insensitive corporate decisions. Get the word out! Don't continue to let CafePress control the conversation.

Kamranistan Clothing said...

I am happy they are responding but it doesnt stop here!

Not even close! We won't stop until they can't get back up. They slashed us 90% we'll slash em back the same amount.

There are 6 million of us shopkeepers. Lets give em 6 million people worth of bad publicity!

Cindy said...

Yesterday I went and googled a bunch of my designs and phrases and found my cafepress show up at the top of the list each time. Not the marketplace. Funny thing is that less than 20% of my sales are shop sales, with 80% or more being attributed to the marketplace. I found it especially interesting to see a google search for a particular phrase that linked right into my shop (I have site meter in my shop so I can see these kinds of things.) and then I see a marketplace attributed sale for that very item. I am beginning to thing they have serious problems with determining marketplace vs shop sales. I wonder if anyone else has see this happen.

Anonymous said...

Sheryl, I think your story needs to be posted somehow at Yahoo Buzz. THAT will get someone's attention - I too was banned form the forums for speaking my mind - said read only except I could not even Read the forums. Nor could I get into my PMs.

Nan said...

I am one of those affected by the change at CP. I thought we lived in America where there was free speech! said...

i tried to post a thread about class action and it was pulled immediately by that TRAITOR 'Teesed'. i'll bet he's getting one of those 'keep your own markup' deals i've heard rumors about.

i for one would gladly jump aboard any class action suit that would come along (greedy lawyers take note!). cafepress ruined my life because of this marketplace fiasco.

there has to be a law somewhere that sticks up for the little guys and not highway robbers like cafepress.

i've already pointed two of my domains to their own pages on my server with just links to my cp, zazzle, and printfection shops, 6 more to go! now all i have to do is build them, if i can find the time after i get a full time job to pay my bills. i had a career until this crap happened.

if there are any lawyers who are starting a class action, contact me ASAP at (dirtywordnet) at (gmail) dot (com) (did my email this way to prevent spammers). i would even gladly volunteer my time to organize other disgruntled shopkeepers and ex-shopkeepers to stop these evil bastards!