Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do You Want to Be Prepared for the Worst?

In the early days of our practice I never wanted to give people bad news, especially if it involved death or a health condition only a doctor has the physical means to diagnose. Intuition isn’t always literal. “Death” can be physical or metaphorical. We didn't want to lead anyone astray or make someone give up or be miserable about something that might not turn out to be the literal truth.

When it came to our cat Peeps, though, we both had strong guidance that she was going to die, not once but multiple times. Rule #1 in psychic work is to be in a calm meditative state and get your own fears and fantasies out of the way. When it comes to my own beloved pet I knew better than to think that I was as clear as I could be so we paid attention to the guidance we both received but didn't depend on it 100%.

At one point we were guided not to force feed her and to do energy healing instead. I was guided to think that the "most beneficial thing" would be to do that, bring her to the vet and have her be dead by the weekend. Who wants to hear that?!!! But in the end I couldn't bear to force feed her anymore. And for awhile energy healing alone did work. She took milk from a saucer on her own, got stronger and more lively, and purred and purred while the healing work progressed. But then she got worse in other respects and refused to eat or drink again. We took her to the vet (but not on the schedule our guidance had recommended) and she was dead a few days later, on Monday morning.

At one point we were guided to think Peeps was already dead when she wandered away to hide and could not be found. Cats frequently wander away when death is near, it’s just too hard to let go when a family member so desperately wants them to live. But Peeps was alive and she came back for one last day of pain and hugs when she heard us crying on the back steps.

Why were we guided to think she had already died? So we could let her go? Be prepared for death? So she could hear us and be lured back home?

We’ll never know but I’m glad on some levels that it turned out like it did. I was more prepared when the vet said not enough could be done. I did my letting go on the back porch and was freed to make the decision of how to handle things for her benefit and not my own selfish concerns.

I know that we will be contacted by people wanting help with difficult awful transitions. We know that people have to be able to work with death and that as spiritual counselors we should be prepared as well. But, as you can see from the examples above, it's not always a message anyone wants to hear! And, again, metaphorically a "death" can mean many things: a letting go of one reality, one way of being, so we can move on to the next. It's not always literal...but sometimes it is.


Dianna Sprenkle said...

Such a touching story. You actually brought tears to my eyes and it reminded me all too much of my cat Oscar. He became terribly sick and there was nothing I could do except to have him put to sleep. He was suffering too much. But, as we said our goodbyes, he knew it was time to say goodbye. He did what he could to make the transition easier for me. I was in tears, because he was my best friend in the world. We went through so much together. Well, years later Oscar visited me again in bed one night. He used to lick the tears off my face when I was sad. I was crying in bed one night and I felt him jump on the bed and walk up to me and I could smell his breath in my face. I couldn't see him, but I knew it was him. So, even though death is a part of living, death is also a chapter of life which takes us into another transistion of living. We never "just" die, we just lose our physical bodies sometimes. I know I'll see my Oscar again, and you'll see your Pepi. Don't be surprised if he visits you like Oscar did me one night. It's something you'll never forget. Good Luck to you. Dianna Sprenkle

Energy Therapy said...

Thank you for sharing this touching story. It is hard to lose a living being that has become such a part of the family. I was interested in the fact that you used energy healing with her. Do you have to modify the process at all when using energy healing with pets?

Sheryl Karas said...

We use more than one type of energy healing modality in our lives, including talk therapy to release emotional/mental blocks. With cats it's simpler. We just used Reiki.