Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Don't Let Money Worries Run Your Business into the Ground!

Can you keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs? I can't say we always do but it's more important now than ever before!

Case in point: One of my biggest customers had refrained from reordering for months. I finally called to give a mild prompt and heard "Oh, not all your perfumes are selling. I can see some of the perfumes are gone... but I just don't see how we can take the chance right now..."

I said "Well, the ones that are missing must be selling. Those must be the ones your customers want right now!"

"Oh! I didn't think of it that way!"

Several weeks went by and finally the order came in. "Releasing Worry and Fear," "Restful Sleep," "Trusting Inner Guidance," "Abundant Prosperity" -- the same ones I've been selling everywhere! Who knows how much money we both would have made if she had been willing to keep them available all along?

The mistake people make when they let worry and fear run the show is to miss the cues that let you know where you can safely go. Every financial expenditure seems like a potential disaster.

But there are things that sell even in economic periods of flux and change. In fact, there are some things that sell even better!

Hey, potential Mama Love retailers out there! Pick up the phone and call me! You need these products on your shelf right now!


kim* said...

ya i notice things that sell even tho the "economy is bad" and its just luxury items that dont do anything but sit n look pretty by itself.

Anna said...

I love people who are encouraging during times when most aren't encouraging..if that makes sense.

I have to remember to just breathe...hahaha.

The World's Dresser said...

Beautiful post! The idea of confidence and not giving in to fear is a great message for business and nonbusiness owners alike.

Anne Vis said...

Great post! I like how you acted on your sense too, wonderful work! In think in these times we need more healing and encouragement, so I would think these topics will go well even when economies seem down.