Friday, April 10, 2009

The "Easter" Bunny in Celtic FolkLore

Speaking of jack rabbits, was the "Easter Bunny" originally a type of jackrabbit? Well, it could be but only when you know that jackrabbits are actually a type of hare and hares were the sacred animal of Eostre, the Celtic goddess of the Moon, the Spring and the dawn.

According to old Celtic lore, there once was a great celebration in the Animal Kingdom for the Great Goddess and everyone was expected to bring the nicest gift they possibly could. Hare so much wanted to come but he was very poor and didn't have anything in his cupboard to give but a single egg. He fretted about it -- he knew other animals were coming with precious gems, gold and silver -- but he took the egg down from the cupboard and decorated it in the very best way he knew how and brought it to the party anyway.

When it was time to present the Goddess with her gift Hare held back and watched as each animal came forward with the most wonderful presents. Finally, at the very last, he shyly came forward and gave her his decorated egg.

The Goddess looked into the Hare's heart and saw his true spirit and reverent nature. She appointed him her special animal from that day forth because he hadn't just given her a gift, he had enough spiritual devotion to give the Goddess everything he had.

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