Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Energy Healing for a Sick Cat

Peep doesn't feel good. She got into the garbage last night and we have no idea what she ate. She was miserable all last night and much of today. Here she is all cuddled up with the doll she adopted this morning. Normally she'd curl up with one of us but she feels nauseated and prefers not to be touched.

Got some help from Paul about helping her with our energy healing work. Worrying at the same time that one is doing healing does not compute. It's pretty much counter-message. You can't believe God heals and behave in doubt and expect a "healing" to take hold. The minute you doubt you're disconnecting.

So earlier today I kept trying way too hard to help Peeps and she kept reacting by pulling away. Paul took me aside and set me straight about how my worried mother attitude was interfering. He has experienced miraculous healing from me before and reminded me of how to do it. You basically have to drop into a much more believing and focused place. I let myself "see" the healing when I succeed in doing that. It's different from "visualizing" where a person tries to direct healing by deliberately trying to create pictures of the result. In the healing I'm doing I let go of the "picture creation" and work in concert with whatever images I see.

When I was in worried mother mode all I could see was black which made me think Peep was dying and worried me all the more. After being coached by Paul I was able to think differently about the outcome. I looked again and saw a bright white light that was red around the edges and, as I believed more and more that that light was beneficial, I saw a healthy pink and white come back into the image of Peep I carried in my mind. The red in the light disappeared and was replaced by the healthy pink. Then the light left, too. When I look at the image now I see predominantly healthy pink tinged with a sickly yellow that is also disappearing and getting better, too.

When I finished this process I looked over at Peep and she had perked up and was looking much better. She still wants more sleep and is currently cuddled up with her doll some more but that's often part of what a good healing is for. Clients usually report needing rest after a healing process occurs. We, of course, are checking in on her to make sure she's getting her needs met. I'd like to see her be interested in drinking some water and eating again but she knows what her body is saying to do and that means, at this time at least, to get more rest.

We'll let people know when she's up and about. It's so windy and frightful outside today with sand blowing everywhere neither one of the cats or us wants to be out. Curling up on the couch -- me with my laptop-- is what this day seems to be about so far for all of us.


Celtic Cat said...

Hope she is feeling better soon!

katy said...

very interesting!
peep is too cute ^.^

UniqueNurseGranny said...

It is a blessing to have someone to help whrn getting off track.isn't it.

Sheryl Karas said...
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Sheryl Karas said...

It's great to have a partner in the work we do. We help each other out a lot.

Peep seems to be improving. She's not eating yet but she's letting me feed her drinks of water and 2% milk from an eyedropper and has started to purr and accept petting again. She seems happier and much more responsive, too.

Anne Vis said...

Hope she's feeling better now! If you like, I'd be happy to do a healing on her as well:

Libby Murphy said...

Beloved angel Zadkiel is a great healer and I've found always answers our prayers. I believe your sweet Peep is well already and ready to love and play.
Happy Twirls

Sheryl Karas said...

We took Peep to the vet today. I also believe Peep is on the mend but I see nothing unmiraculous about some of the healing tools conventional medicine has to offer so we thought we'd do that along with the healing techniques we've been doing. The local vet was really sweet and gave us a tasty cat laxative to help her release whatever is stuck inside. It might take several days to work though. He also suggested feeding her chicken-flavored baby food which she loved! First food she managed to eat - just a teaspoon or so -- in 36 hours. She seems a lot better though. More perky and willing to cuddle.