Thursday, April 09, 2009

In Time for Easter Festivities -- All Hail the Mighty Jackalope!

This (old?) photo from the Museum of Hoaxes depicts two young jackalopes (half jack rabbit, half antelope) looking out over the western plains.

I was absolutely convinced we had jackalopes out here in the Arizona high desert when we first arrived here. (Not really.) The actual jack rabbits run so fast and in such an antelope-like way I couldn't believe what I was seeing was a species of rabbit at all.

I grew up with a type of jack rabbit in Massachusetts. We had jack rabbits born in our yard and even tried to keep some as pets. But the Arizona high desert jack rabbit is a whole other experience. Think: New England jack rabbits on steriods! They're HUGE! And lightening fast.

Before we moved out here I was terrified of what this move might mean and went through a period of asking for "prosperity rabbits." Rabbits have always been a symbol of good luck for me, as they are many places all over the world. Etsy members sent me pictures of rabbit art and crafts from their shops that I posted every day on this blog. But to no avail, I thought. We were off to the hinterlands of Arizona anyway. But once we arrived we found the land where we live literally hopping with rabbits!

Ha-ha. Another cosmic joke. Paul's mom feeds the rabbits and birds so we're pretty much living in a rabbit and bird sanctuary which is quite nice and makes our cats -- who have not caught one yet -- quite entertained and insanely happy with possibility. And that's probably a great role model to keep in mind. Being happily engaged in the belief of great possibilities.

Like the mighty jackalope the Easter bunny represents spring awakenings and possibility. The milk of the jackalope -- if you can find, catch and milk one (a very dangerous activity we understand) -- is a powerful aphrodisiac. The Easter bunny is a type of fertility symbol itself and, as we know, nothing mates and produces more offspring (new possibilities) than rabbits!

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