Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is the Economy Getting Better or Is It Just Spring?

Paul and I have noticed a change in the last few weeks -- many more sales in our Cafepress Shop. But why? There are way too many changes that have happened to know for sure. Here's what we did and what we've seen before:

• We lowered our prices. We used to take 33% of each sale, now it's about 25%. That made a big difference in some cases...but those aren't the products that have sold. The ones we've sold so far are only $2 less in most cases. Did we get the price down to some magic price point? Could be! But is that the truth?

• We made sure to announce the change in our monthly email newsletter. Two sales actually did come that way.

• It's Spring! This is traditionally the time in retail when sales improve. The weather is better, people feel better. Then there's the gift giving occasions of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter. Plus people have recovered from Christmas shopping and, if they have a tax refund coming, they feel like celebrating.

Plus there IS the confidence and desire that things are better economically. You can't keep a good dog down or so the saying goes. I saw a news report recently talking about all the people who have lost jobs. Then they said an interesting thing on another news channel: 40% of the people who have lost jobs in recent months found a new one right away. The mid section (the less expensive areas in terms of housing) have been relatively free of recession woes, compared to the coasts. There are other positive indications of strength in the economy, too.

Whatever is going on we sure hope the trends continue. Whether it's making better business choices, seasonal changes, return in the belief of better economic times... maybe the season of resurrection and rebirth makes people feel good... I guess it doesn't matter as long as it keeps on happening!


kim* said...

i once put my prices so low it was practically free... it didnt help lol

Sheryl Karas said...

I know! Sometimes it isn't pricing at all!

You know, maybe you haven't hit your market. Eco-friendly retail stores, getting your shop featured on eco-friendly blogs.

In Zimbabwe people put bottle caps decoratively on all kinds of stuff. They even put them on musical instruments -- I'll see if I can find a picture of one.