Friday, April 10, 2009

Jackrabbits and Bunnies

Paul took this photo of a regular cottontail rabbit and a high desert jackrabbit enjoying a meal outside our house. Look at the big difference in size!

They act differently, too. The jackrabbits are much more elusive. It was actually a surprise to see one this close to the house. Also, the cottontails are quite social. We usually see them in groups whereas the jackrabbits are solitary. We've never seen more than one at a time.

The really amazing thing is how they move. Cottontails hop, cute little bunny hops just like you would expect. Jackrabbits do not hop. They look like gazelles as they bound away, not much like rabbits at all.

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kim* said...

aw rabbits are awesome. i dont know much about them i need to learn more than just saying they are cute :)