Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make Way For Ducklings on Zazzle

Here's something my old print company -- the press that shall evermore remain nameless -- didn't offer: You can personalize anything I make available for that purpose in my Zazzle shop for yourself!

For example, take my design "Duckling Parade." This is a digital watercolor of an original photograph I took of ducklings walking through the flowers and green grass at Neary Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA. I have it available through my Zazzle shop without words or special modification as a fine art print, on greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts, etc.

But suppose you or your kids are a great fan of Make Way for Ducklings, a wonderful children's book by Robert McCloskey? The book tells the story of a family of ducklings who settle in the city of Boston, go for a walk, and need help getting back home to the Boston Public Garden. A nice policeman named Michael stops traffic and then provides a police escort so the mama and baby ducklings can all find their way home. The city of Boston celebrates Make Way for Ducklings Day with a parade every year on Mother's Day. Kids and parents come from miles around, all dressed up like ducklings, to follow along the route the ducklings took in the book.

So, to celebrate Make Way for Ducklings Day you could go to my Duckling Parade items, click "Customize" and up pops a box that lets you add your own text, change the color, change the font or change the style of the item the design is on. I made a Make Way for Ducklings product line so you can see what can be done. You could buy one of those items now or go to that section and change the text to say whatever you want: "I Brake for Ducklings!, "I Love Ducklings!", "I'm a Ducky Baby!" Go duck wild!

And then suppose you want to go to Boston's Make Way for Duckling Day parade and sell people items from my shop. Can you do that? Yes, you can! Buy items in bulk and get a discount. Buy enough to sell them at a big event and get a big discount! You can make money with my stuff and I get paid, too. And that includes selling my items on the internet.

You can make an affiliate shop that points to my items and anyone else's you want to include and make 15% as a referral fee if someone buys an item by clicking one of your links. Or just promote my stuff on your blog. All you need to do is get a free Associate's ID number and link to the items you want to promote.

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