Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Man on a Quest

A man on a quest can be perceived to be a fool or a great inspiration. That's part of the theme of the musical "The Man of La Mancha", based on the story of Don Quixote, an old man who thought so much of the days of chivalry and the importance of fighting against injustice that he believed he should go on a quest as a knight-errant.

At a certain point in the story he thinks he is fighting his mortal enemy The Enchanter. His foe holds up a giant mirror shaped like a shield and Don Quixote sees himself the way others see him -- as a crazy fool. He almost gives up his quest and eventually dies but not before the people he befriended along the way see the error of The Enchanter's ways and resume taking on the quest for him.

The society we live in, especially the cynical parts we see on TV, likes to enchant people into believing that idealists and people who live by the courage of their convictions and sense of purpose are fools. "How can you live like this?" the question is asked, injecting derision and doubt over and over.

Perhaps a better question would be "How can you not?" You have only one life to live... this lifetime at least. :-) Why not follow your dreams, follow your star?
This photo of a wooden Don Quixote sculpture was taken in Davenport, CA. You can find it in my Cafepress giftshop by clicking here.

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