Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Pipa Report

Our cat Peeps is sure putting us through the ringer these days. 11 days of serious illness and no clear signs of improvement.

Actually she was improving last week or so it seemed. She was starting to drink milk and water of her own free will and cuddled with us and purred and purred. She was soaking up lots of love and energy healing from us and was gaining some of her strength back. But she wouldn't eat, her breath smelled like a sewer, her eyes were running and she had started to sneeze. We were concerned that these were signs that something was brewing beneath the surface, perhaps sepsis, so we took her to the vet on Friday.

The vet here is very kind and gave us antibiotics to give her by mouth and special wet cat food that he suggested we force feed her with a syringe made for the purpose. Peep has lost more than a pound this week which for an 8 lb cat is considered a big deal. He asked us to call him tomorrow (Monday) if she wasn't better.

Well, she's not going to get better by then. The antibiotics immediately and consistently have made her vomit, she's not keeping any food or even much water down and she won't voluntarily take anything in. By the end of the day she literally shook anytime we touched her, fearing what was going to happen next. Last night I was up with her half the night. She wouldn't be comforted, and shook violently if I tried to do more than lightly touch her. Even so, there's no more purring, not even a little bit.

Today we stopped the force feeding and giving antibiotics by mouth and Peeps kept wandering off to hide, a bad sign from what we've heard. Later in the afternoon she had disappeared and we eventually found her outside. We're not sure how she got out but we both decided that some version of quality of life is important -- and she loves being outside -- so we allowed it. The plan was to keep a watchful eye over her but we turned away for no more than a minute and she disappeared again. We all spent a long long time searching for her and after a bit believed she must have wandered into the desert to die.

Hours went by and Paul and I were comforting each other on the back porch, both crying, both trying to let her go. Then suddenly Paul exclaimed something unprintable and there she was. She walked over and lay down at our feet. Peeps! She wouldn't let us touch her, she walked away when we offered her something to eat or drink but she was back.

We're planning to take her back to the vet tomorrow. Maybe some other antibiotic or ideas will be offered. We might have to let her be put to sleep. We're resigned to letting go of the outcome. Sometimes that's really all you can do.


elsiee said...

so sorry to hear about your sick kitty, I'm sure things are unfolding as they should and it seems that she wants to be with you as long as she can...

i hope tomorrow is a better day

Linda in the Northeast Kingdom said...

Love and Hugs,