Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pipa Update

We're taking Peeps to the vet again today. The laxative didn't get rid of whatever is making her gag and Paul thinks we need to ask the vet to do something more. Meanwhile we've both been giving her healings and she has been responding to that. Earlier in the week Paul's mom and I made her drink water and milk from an eyedropper and I pushed her to eat baby food. She would eat or drink just a tiny amount and then gag and fight to get away. We're certain the force feeding helped when we did it because she would revive for a bit and definitely got stronger but she also stopped trusting us.

Luckily Paul wouldn't participate in this, thinking she was going to need a "safe place" and that seems to have paid off. My guidance was to allow the energy healing to do its work and she would take food on her own so we chose to go to "free will eating and drinking" a couple of nights ago. She won't eat or drink when Paul's mom or I offer anything to her... but she drank an entire saucer of milk without gagging from Paul.

That's an enormous improvement!


Celtic Cat said...

Oh, I hope there is something they can do for your kitty!

Anne Vis said...

Hope she'll be completely healthy again soon!