Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rainbow Bridge

The local vet who helped us with Peep, Milton Despain, sent us a condolence card signed by his entire staff. It had a picture of a dog and a kitten that looked amazingly like Peep when she was a baby on the cover. Inside was the following poem. We were truly moved and touched.

The Place Called Rainbow Bridge

When our beloved companions die, they go to Rainbow Bridge. Just outside of heaven's gate, it is a place of rolling hills and lush green meadows. Food, water and sunshine are plentiful. Here, old animals become young again and the ill or injured are made healthy and strong. The animals are happy and content but one thing isn't yet right -- there is someone very special that they had to leave behind.

Even though the days are full of running and playing, a day comes when one of the animals suddenly stops and looks off into the distance, eyes shining in eager anticipation. Seeing his special someone, he breaks away from his friends, flying across the fields. With a welcoming embrace, you and your pet are reunited forever. You look once more into the loving eyes of your pet and realize that you had never left each other's hearts.

And you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


Jennifer said...

The Rainbow Bridge is wonderful. Thanks for posting it. It brought tears to my eyes, knowing that one day I too will be with all my past special furry friends. I hope you and Paul are both healing from her loss and finding comfort in knowing she is not gone forever! :)

Sheryl Karas said...

Thanks, Jennifer! We appreciate that.