Saturday, April 18, 2009

SPECIAL SALE... Mama Love Healing Support Gift Set

This is a very special opportunity. I don't NEED to put these three flower essence aromatherapy perfumes on sale -- they're my best-sellers!

But -- because I'm doing the experiment of having my first ever real sale this week-- I'm going all the way.

My Healing Support gift set is for anyone going through a hard time. Mama Love for Troubled Times is for heartbreak and sorrow. Releasing Worry and Fear is great for stress reduction and releasing anxiety! And Restful Sleep, used every day, can be really helpful. There are times when people need all three! Is this one of them for someone you love?

Individually these perfumes sell for $12.99 each. This week only get all three for $25. That's one for free! Click here to buy the Healing Support Gift Set from my Etsy shop now. Or visit my shop to see everything that's on sale right now.

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