Thursday, April 16, 2009

SPECIAL SALE THIS WEEK ONLY! 3 perfume gift sets for $25

Here's the scoop: I want to find out-- do sales really work?

I normally sell my individual flower essence aromatherapy perfumes for $12.99 each and 3-perfume gift sets for $35.99.

As an experiment-- for this week only -- I'm putting all 3-perfume gift sets in my Etsy shop on sale for $25. That's pretty darn close to my wholesale pricing.

I also have a couple of perfumes I'm discontinuing. Those individual perfumes are on sale for $9 each.

This sale is ONLY available through my Etsy shop. Look for items marked SPECIAL SALE or go directly to the SPECIAL SALE section on my shop through the links on the right hand side of the page.

A great opportunity for Mother's Day! And any other special gift-giving occasion you have coming up. Father's Day? Earth Day? Graduation? Or just for yourself.

Do it now!

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esque said...

What a great deal! Good luck on your sale!