Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When Miraculous Healing Isn't Enough

Well, being a Libra, if I'm going to take a strong position on something the next thing I wind up thinking to do is to talk about the flip side. Oh well, here I go again.

Yesterday I wrote about the miraculous healing Reiki can do. But that's not always true and, even when it is, it's not always enough!

I had miraculous healing with Reiki from the get go. Really soon after my Reiki Level 1 class -- the beginner level -- I had minor surgery for a badly bitten tongue and had a severe reaction to the antibiotics I was given. Absolutely miserable and unable to do anything I just did Reiki on myself throughout the day instead.

It was supposed to take 7 days for the tongue to heal. Instead it took 1 to heal and 2 for the redness and scar to go away, too! Pretty much unheard of, if you ask me!

Many years later, after achieving the Master level and branching out and following my own guidance along with the Reiki I was taught to do, I healed the same cat who is so sick today of a tumor. It was growing outside her chest and the vet said it looked bad and had to come off. I was worried about being able to pay for it but the vet assured me it was slow growing and could wait a few weeks while I got the money together. So I determined to take 3 weeks to try to heal her myself first. I promised to make an appointment if I saw no change in that period.

3 weeks went by and I did healing with her 2-3 times a day every day, sometimes for long stretches of time. I felt lots of energy movement and noticed significant changes energetically as the weeks went on but the outward appearance of the growth did not change a bit. I made the appointment for her surgery and when I got off the phone I went over to pet Peeps and the tumor was gone! I called my very scientifically-minded ex-husband over to check her out and he found the dried up remains of tumor in her fur. There was nothing left for the vet to remove, no surgery was done, and she's had no other serious health problems until this week with the incident of eating chicken bones (we think) from the garbage. If I ever wanted proof that miraculous healings can occur this is the one that cemented the deal. I've never gone back to thinking it can't be done.

BUT it hasn't always gone that way! Especially with human beings. Humans think too much and get trained out of believing such miracles are possible. Some people feel lots of energy movement in a Reiki session, warmth, tingling, and jump off the table exclaiming "Wow! That was amazing!" Other people feel nothing! Nothing at all. And report little or no change except for thinking it was a nice relaxing thing to do. Who doesn't like to be lovingly touched for an hour with soft music playing? It doesn't matter what Reiki can or cannot do-- you can hardly miss if the person likes to be touched at all.

I guess that's why people hedge their bets and say it works well for stress reduction and leave the rest of the possibilities out. Who wants to get people's hopes up and let them down? Not everyone responds to it.

Other people report great things happening but the healing session may or may not lead to the healing they want.

Pretty early on when I was just getting started as a Reiki practitioner I was called in to work with a team of Reiki practitioners to work with a woman who had cancer. She wanted to be healed! She wanted to be well and she responded well to the healing she received, reporting feeling really good as the healing progressed. But I kept hearing guidance that said she was dying and was not going to get well.

I didn't tell her this. I didn't want to. I don't want to be the agent of someone giving up because they heard something from me that may or may not have been true! But my guidance kept insisting! Tell her, tell her. It wouldn't leave me alone. I finally asked for the right words and said "My guidance says you need to get ready to move to another plane of existence." She, and everyone in the room, took that to mean she needed to reach a higher level of consciousness, of acceptance, of faith, or enlightenment. And she felt heartened by that and said she would.

And maybe that helped! But she did die within a few weeks anyway. In terms of what she so desperately said she wanted, she did not achieve her goal. But, perhaps she received what she needed.


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Anne Vis said...

What a beautiful story, Sheryl, thanks for sharing!