Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zazzle Hummingbirds

The hummingbirds have returned to Hummingbird Road. That's the official name of the dirt road we live on although the mail goes somewhere else. Lots of wildly acrobatic tiny birds are now zooming around trying to attract mates with their daredevil antics. So it's appropriate that I chose a hummingbird as the first item to put up in our brand new Zazzle Gift Shop.

I particularly enjoyed this picture. It started as an original photo of a brilliantly colored red-throated hummingbird in mid flight photographed by Paul from our old front porch in Santa Cruz. Then I took it and performed some Photoshop magic tricks to turn it into something resembling a watercolor painting. I love how it turned out! And that's good because it's the only thing I have in our Zazzle shop so far.

There's always such a learning curve when it comes to creating a new website whether you are using special online shop creation tools like Zazzle provides or not. And there's a lot of work involved -- at least for me -- when it comes to creating a unique masthead, writing descriptions with keyword-rich text for search engine optimization and all of that. When we did our Cafepress shop we knew NOTHING about this but we came back over and over to try again. I'm still not sure we know that much more but starting over sure does give a person inspiration to put whatever we may have learned into place right from the start.

Visit our shop, check out our "About" page and "Product" page, become a Fan, wish us luck!

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