Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Black and White Kitty

What's black and white and reddish-brown all over?

Chloe, after she rolls around in the Arizona dirt.

We're having a Chloe love fest these days. Peeps was such an affectionate cat and Chloe has always been so mixed up about human touch that it was hard to treat the two animals the same. I always thought of Peeps as my cuddle-kitty. Chloe? Well...Chloe has always been strange about affection.

"I want it!" she says. "Really, I'm desperate! Feed me love, now!" But, unless you catch her between her frantic circling around the computer when you're trying to work and jumping into the shower while you're still in it, Chloe doesn't tend to sit still for petting unless she's really tired. She doesn't know how to ask for petting in normal kitty ways. And she gets upset if you approach her too quickly.

Paul's been working with her on that and she has periods of great improvement. But little setbacks send her into regression. It's a constant 1 step forward, 2 steps back, 3 steps forward, 1 step back kind of dance. Erratic. We can't even call it "progression."

But she is very sweet and she was particularly neglected when Peep was ill. She even started to protest and get mad at Peep.

But now she's making up for that behavior. And we're letting her know that she's a lovable pet.


Fox and Moon said...

Cats are funny that way. We have a cat was in the same situation. The only advise I can give is give affection when you want to and not when the kitty wants it. It took about 2 years to completly correct her behavior from her biting phase.

If the kitty is doing somehing like getting in the way. Start setting boundries. It's a passive way to correct cat behavior.

Simply Wired Custom Jewelry said...

Ha haaaa great photo! And I have to admit, I was definitely intrigued by your "What's black, white, and reddish-brown all over" hint on Etsy!

Audrey said...

She's a really pretty kitty, even after rolling in the dirt! LOL

Sheryl Karas said...

Yeah, it's a funny dance. We need training as much as she does. It's completely hilarious to have a cat that likes to take showers with us! But it's a mess and kind of a pain as well. The computer behavior, though, is something we're trying to put a stop to. She has a special chair right next to the computer area now and we give her pets when she puts herself in it instead of walking around the screen.

Anne Vis said...

She is absolutely adorable! Isn't that why we like cats so much - because they have a mind of their own? ;-)