Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dust Devils

I'm in a bit of a whirl these days. We plan a trip to Pie Town and I think we have to "justify" it by going to Santa Fe. I look into healing retreat centers and wellness spas that offer services similar to ours and think that's where we should go. Then I hear on television about how the spa industry is going down the tubes. Even people who can afford spa vacations and retreats are holding back, embarrassed to spend so much money even if they have it. Meanwhile we finally got requests for sessions after we went back to our sliding the bottom. Not that that's a problem from where we sit ourselves right now. And suddenly guidance comes from multiple directions to publish our writing and write some more!

Wait a second, I was just getting ready to go on the road selling Mama Love and we're talking to someone in Flagstaff who wants to create a healing retreat center, perhaps with our help, but her current business is flying apart and needs her attention and a close family member just got sick and, and...

A big dust devil suddenly kicked up while Paul and I were on the porch discussing a few of these things. It was silent and suddenly we heard a loud wind building up and getting louder. Paul said "Look over there!" and there was a whirling funnel cloud rising up, getting bigger and bigger, and making its way across the property. It looked like a miniature tornado. I think a dust devil is a miniature tornado or something like it. Wikipedia says "dust devils form when hot air near the surface rises quickly through a small pocket of cooler, low- pressure air above it." If the conditions are right (such as in the desert) the air starts to rotate and a spinning vortex is formed that causes a funnel-like chimney to bring the hot air at the ground's surface up to the sky where it cools and the whirlwind spins even faster and moves across the ground. Eventually enough cool air comes in to make the system collapse but the entire experience can be quite dramatic until it does.

Again according to Wikipedia, the Navajos think a dust devil that spins clockwise is a good spirit while one that spins counterclockwise is bad. I'm pretty certain this one was spinning clockwise.

Generally speaking, a dust devil does little harm. Even in folklore it's more of a prankster or trickster than something more, although there are scarier variants on the theme. I did a mini-Tarot reading on the subject. Just pulled a few cards. What came up was indecision, ungrounded worries, and fear of change. One card suggests that we have the skill, competence and have enough past achievements (already written books and articles) to do well. We just have to let go of feelings left over from past history, old habits of procrastination. Let go of the need to hold tightly to where we have been, let go and allow ourselves to be propelled forward, step by step, until the confusion is released and blows over.

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