Friday, May 08, 2009

Free Range Cows

Free range beef is the newest thing being hyped as being better for you... and I'm absolutely certain it is. But what does "free range beef" actually mean?

In this part of the country it means the cows are FREE ! Freely running around in your backyard unless you put up a fence.

The good news is that they really do seem healthy. Fenced in cows get that glazed over zoo animal look to their eyes, like they have little interest in life and not much to live for. True, but besides the point. Doesn't every living creature deserve quality of life?

Free range cows go places. They join together in families and travel about the countryside looking for grass, changes of scene. The calves romp and play and the adults have a lot more life in them, too. We truly wonder how the cowboys find them when it's time to move them on. They pretty much roam everywhere.

It's really fun to see them but a little scary, too. On Paul's blog there's a photo of a long-horned bull right now. They're very protective of their herds. And they look very intently at us when we accidentally get too close. We always beat a quick retreat. Their stare is more than a bit unnerving.


Audrey said...

I understand free range beef - but what about free range chicken? Who puts their chicken out on the open prairie?

Sheryl Karas said...

Ha! I can't imagine it. I guess with chicken they think it's enough if they're not locked up in a tiny cage.