Monday, May 04, 2009

Could Garlic Flower Essence Help Ward Off the Swine Flu?

With the Swine Flu media craze getting so many people in a panic these days I've had a mild interest in knowing what might help people stay healthier these days. Mind you, this is a MILD interest. This isn't really of great concern to me at the present. Living 30 minutes away from the nearest tiny town in the Arizona desert is about as much protection from a potential pandemic as you can get!

But I'm on a newsgroup that's going a bit nuts about this right now. I get daily emails with all kinds of ideas proposed for preventatives and I can't say I haven't been curious about what flower essence therapy would have to say about that.

Well, the first thing I received as an answer of sorts was an email from the Flower Essence Society talking about Dr. Edward Bach's observation that a detrimental mental and emotional state is more the cause of disease and inefficient resistance to infection than exposure to illness itself. Dr. Bach developed his work with Flower Essences in the peak of the Great Depression. He saw firsthand how his clients' attitudes affected their physical well-being. Those with the most emotional resilience had the most resistance to infection and a greater ability to bounce back from illness when they did get worn down. Those in the worst states of mind did the worst. Fear can amp up and, over time, overly tax the immune system. Depression and despair shuts it down. Studies done since Dr. Bach's time prove that depressed people are more susceptible to cold and flu. The evidence for how other diseases are affected by immune system depression is mounting all the time.

So what's been going on in our society today? Financial businesses decisions have rocked segments of the world economy and a worldwide media maelstrom has been fanning the flames. The world as a whole has been infected with fear and the hardest hit segments of our society—the previously working lower and middle class—in many areas have started to fall into depression. So now there's a swine flu outbreak, starting in one of the most impoverished places on the planet, Mexico City, and starting to spread wherever people who were in that area happen to go.


The people who lived through the Great Depression say "Health is Wealth." If you have your health, you have everything. You can stand on your own feet, move, do what you have to do. I worked with people of that generation almost exclusively in my job at the Alzheimer's Association. Support groups for people in their 70's, 80's and older don't run the way support groups for younger people do. People of that generation are like all kinds of people but they don't tend to air their emotions as readily as those who grew up in the psychologically-oriented Dr. Spock generation. You don't get by in a Great Depression by shrinking away, pitying yourself or by thinking that your personal pain and suffering is somehow special. No, you try to cultivate a "Can Do" attitude so you can get up every morning and do whatever has to be done.

Energetically, that's a radiating out kind of quality less than a pulling in.

The reason I mention that is that the current economic crisis has been exasperated by an exaggerated, media-fueled, tendency for people to pull way back.

And that's a very easy mistake to make. Recently, however, I had an interesting revelation. I've had an allergic reaction to something out here in Arizona pretty much since we arrived, but there may have been symptoms starting before we even left Santa Cruz. I've been working with it like any rash, using topical treatments, changing laundry soap, but I also have been examining the psychological and, therefore, energetic qualities of my reaction as well. A few days ago I recognized that I was chronically holding my energy in, not wanting to feel the rash or what it represents. I decided to experiment with choosing to extend my energy instead, to purposely fill out my energy to the skin, if not further. The rash went away! Instantly.

The teacher who introduced me to Reiki, Jeanine Sande, used to say that the very best way to ward off disease is to keep your energy full. She suggested that everyone in the helping profession learn how to refill their cups. By keeping your energy full and radiating out you're more present to help others. You give of your overflow and not by depleting yourself. One way to keep your energy full is by doing Reiki as a self-help tool. You lay hands on yourself everyday before you get out of bed in the morning and, if need be, other times during the day or evening when you need to replenish yourself. 10-20 minutes for me instead of a nap in the afternoon does wonders.

There are other ways to replenish one's energy and learn to radiate it out as well. Choosing to give and help others, choosing to reach out, choosing to be filled with joy. It's a mindset, a set of habits that can be cultivated.

Garlic flower essence radiates out energy. That's what came to mind for me when I sat down to write this article. Garlic flower essence is used to build resistance to negative influences by creating a larger, more unified sense of self. Instead of shrinking back from negative influences that, like a vampire, tend to suck the life out of people, Garlic teaches a person to be full and strong and invulnerable. People used to wear strings of garlic around their necks to ward off evil spirits and, taken internally, Garlic actually does have antibiotic and antiparacytic qualities. Garlic flower essence has the same effect on an energetic level. It helps one cultivate the mindset that builds a healthy immune system. Think: big, whole and radiant.
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Anne Vis said...

Great post, so true! Does garlic flower essence also have the smell associated with it?

Sheryl Karas said...

No, flower essences have no smell! They're like homeopathic remedies, made similarly according to similar principles. An extremely tiny amount of a substance which might create the opposite effect in large quantities inspires your immune system to produce the hormones and other substances it needs. Kind of like a vaccine except we're talking about herbs and other flowering plants that you could never eat enough of to have really detrimental effects. They're completely safe. And you won't smell garlicky!

Anne Vis said...

Thanks! :-)