Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gas Mileage

This is a picture of our Jeep. A Jeep Grand Cherokee that got 12 mpg when we lived in Santa Cruz. We were desperate to sell it and get something much more economical last summer before we moved here. Even though it had less than 100,000 miles on it and was in good condition, nobody else was desperate enough to buy it. So we kept it and brought it with us out here.

Now 4-wheel drive is very nice to have on our dirt road commutes and, for some reason, the car now gets more than 20mpg! Not great if you happen to have a Toyota or Honda Civic but a really significant difference to us!

We're not sure how this happened but here are a few of the factors we suspect:

1) We don't do city-style driving anymore. Most of our miles are on highways and country roads.
2) We're at a much higher altitude--5900 feet instead of at or near sea level.
3) We had to replace the fuel pump and fuel filter.
4) We got snow and mud tires, a necessity out here. They're firmer and seem like they're a better fit for the environment we're in.

I wonder what the experts would say mattered most.

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