Sunday, May 17, 2009

Healing Sessions with Paul and Sheryl

There have been so many times I have wished there was a hidden camera or two in the room where Paul and I do sessions. This would be a breach of confidentiality so we'll never do it and if our clients knew there were cameras recording everything it is highly unlikely they would ever be so candid. But if there was a way to make it work out without interfering with the work of the session I feel strongly that people would be fascinated, more at ease with us, and much more interested in trying out what we do.

Recently we got to do a very special session with a person who had a chronic but far from life-threatening pain in his back. We created a space of sacred intent, invited our guides and angels and--to fit with this person's belief system--God to be with us in the room. We asked for the guidance to come from the highest place possible and be for the highest benefit of all concerned. All standard stuff. Nothing unusual about the session either from our point of view...but what we do isn't something that happens everyday for most people.

In this case, the client's dead mother and his ever-present guilt left over from that relationship was what most had to be addressed. His "mother" was present in the session and spoke to him, with my help, saying what needed to be said, healing what was left undone. Was it really his mother or a guide who took that role? I don't know. All I knew is it wasn't me! I didn't know about the relationship enough to role play to this extent. And it was an incredibly healing session. We saw our client's back loosen up almost instantly as the past history was partially released. He'll have some additional work to do on his own--instructions were given--but a significant piece was addressed in one session alone.

Conventional psychotherapy doesn't work like this. Chiropractic and massage would only address one aspect. By doing hands-on healing work in conjunction with spiritual guidance and, dare I say, "mediumship" something much more profound took place.

Paul and I have had a great deal of grief and pain to deal with in terms of telling people what we do. We hate the word "psychic." If dead relatives show up in a session it's always for healing benefit as in the session described here but if you read our website you won't see much indication that this is part of what we can do. Other people who use the exact same tools in their work shout it from the rooftops: "Connect with dead relatives! Talk to your angels! Receive channeled advice from Ascended Masters!"

We've balked at it. The words just reek with disrespect.

Disrespect? Yes, from our point of view, there is a profound disrespect that happens when people are influenced to put all their trust in a disembodied "being" (which could be faked) and discount the value of a session with a caring compassionate, well-trained and well-educated human being who chooses when or if to use the same skill.

We don't talk with dead relatives in most of the sessions we do. We don't have to. We don't always channel guidance from "Ascended Masters" although I'd imagine "the highest place possible" to include an even higher "authority." We don't always even use psychic insights...although that's part of every session we do.

One session, in particular, stands out. We got almost no psychic guidance at all and depended on our education, compassion, intelligence, and peer counseling training to carry us through. That client was so impressed she called a colleague who just happened to be the editor of the most popular weekly paper in Santa Cruz. We were interviewed and featured prominently in an article they did about alternative practitioners and our client base grew as a result. If we promoted ourselves as Psychic Mediums instead we probably would have had a much easier time getting folks in the door, even without that article, but they'd be furious with us if we didn't perform our tricks.

It's far far better, we think, to be honest about the breadth of who we are and what it is we really do.

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