Monday, May 11, 2009

How the Getaway Turned Out

We went out to our tent at around 11:30 pm, after the movie we watched on television was over. Paul went out before me. I had a few things to gather. I shut the lights down in the house, grabbed our camping lantern, walked into the night, and suddenly the hills were alive with the sound of coyotes.

Paul cracked up. He knows how unnerving I find that noise and the timing was perfect.

Then our neighbor's dogs started barking and next thing we hear is MOOOOOO, MOOOOOO, MOOOOO, MOOOOOO. The cows had invaded our backyard.

Our cat Chloe got freaked out because we had gone outside after dark instead of sleeping inside. She started crying at the door, the cows answered her and the dogs kept barking in between. Meow, mooooo, bark bark, meow, moooo, bark. For what seemed like hours. Then the moon came out and lit up the tent and all bets on sleeping were off.

At least for me. Paul dozed on and off throughout the night. I got inspired to write a book and composed several chapters in my head. The sun came up at 4:30 am, the birds started to sing and the hummingbirds buzzed over the tent.

We both gave up after 5:00 am and came back into the house to go to bed.


Christie Cottage said...

The sounds of camping out! I chuckled when you got up only to go inside and go to bed!

Aunt Nancy said...

Sounds like it was a very noisy night! :) I live in Tucson, and can certainly understand about NOT wanting to sleep right on the ground! No way, na uh, no siree bob!


UniqueNurseGranny said...

Well the thought was a good one and at least one of you slept.

Ted A. Brooks said...

Oh the sounds and mysteries of the night. I hope you got some rest back inside, my idea of camping is the conciege level of the nearest hotel. I love Mother Nature, but I love comfort.
Angel Blessings