Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Mormon Temple and Marriage Equality

Paul and I had a fun photo shoot late Sunday afternoon after a rainstorm. The light kept changing and there were rainbows everywhere. We caught sight of the Snowflake Mormon temple in the distance after going out to dinner and thought it would be interesting to see what was happening over there. The light at that time of day is always great but as it came through the dark rainclouds it made for a very dramatic effect.

The couple in the far right of the second photo looked very sweet. The bottom photo shows Snowflake and part of Taylor looking away from the temple at the top of the hill.

The Mormon Temple is built of granite and is surrounded by a locked metal fence. There's a reason for that and it's only partly about aesthetics. The Mormons were a severely persecuted group and there's no way they're going to let anyone burn this sacred space to the ground.

At the Taylor Memorial Day Weekend Celebration at the LDS Stake Center in that town numerous statements were made about how grateful the LDS community is for the veterans who fought to preserve the freedom for people to worship God as they choose. They were talking about equal rights, something this community was denied because their beliefs and what was considered to be an alternative lifestyle in regards to marriage were deemed unlawful.

Join the fight for marriage equality and religious freedom! Check out this video to find out more now.

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