Thursday, May 21, 2009

Short-Lived Adventure

I haven't been wanting to write blogs much lately because I'm spending a lot of time writing book proposals to literary agents and getting a new book together. But, for those of you who are following our various adventures I thought I'd post an update about the tent.

It's down. We slept in it comfortably only that one night. I enjoyed that, so much that I hope we do have more camping opportunities that work out well. But the next night was quite windy and the tent rattled with a loud crinkling sound like someone shaking a newspaper until we gave up and came back inside.

That was a disappointment because it was still too hot to sleep in the house. The next night was worse and then the first rain of the season started to fall. Paul said "I forgot to tell you, that rain fly is practically useless" and we ran outside to pull our bedding in before it got ruined. Then the wind lifted up the rain fly like a parachute and it started to fly away but we caught it in time and brought the tent inside, too.

Luckily, the rain cooled everything down really well and I think we're going to sleep a lot better.

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